The Cheat Sheet To Doing Good Photography!

If you’re a beginner to photography, you’ll agree with veterans that it’s no easy task to learn. Surely, during your beginnings, you’ll be using your auto-setting a lot.

But once you touch a fully-optimized DSLR, you’ll need more than a manual, you’ll need experience!

Fortunately, there’s this cheat sheet which I must say covers about almost every beginner’s photography problem

Color Science for Wedding Photography [Infographic]

Color science had always been used by artists, photographers and marketers to aid their marketing efforts in creating bigger noise for their marketing efforts.

While the message is there, on print ads when color was introduced, the better you were studying colors, the more you had an awesome marketing tool for your business.

In wedding photography, the combination of colors helps bring out certain emotions in a photograph, such as irony, anger, pain, sorrow, etc.

The secret is in the palette of colors you choose and if the personality you chose is relevant.

Here’s a great tool to help you with that.